Female Sociopath

As I explained in Part 1 of this two-part series, sociopaths can have some of the most hidden and dangerous personality features. The DSM-5 lists 10 criteria for diagnosing antisocial personality disorder1 ASPD , but it assumes you have professional training and a lot of information about them. They are similar terms when it comes to the ordinary, untrained person who just wants to protect himself or herself. This post focuses on a few of the hints that they may give you, at your first or first few encounters with them. Don’t be a target for a sociopath. This may or may not involve breaking the law. They want to dominate people in order to get things from them, such as their possessions, money, sex, business partners, homes, cars, investments, reputation and so forth. But they also like dominating others just for the feeling of it—the feeling of power and control. Sociopaths lack a conscience, so they will do anything to get what they want. Their words are mostly false, if not entirely false.

Psychopath vs Sociopath: 16 Key Differences

How To Spot Sociopath Women How To Spot Sociopath Women Jan 19, family , friendship , marriage , men , sociopath , women Sociopath women are present among us, in some of our families and social groups, in some of our workplaces and in the public eye, throughout history and in literature. They may be fewer in number than male sociopaths and viewed with less fear but do we have cause to be concerned about them?

How do sociopath women differ from sociopath men? Sociopathy is a disorder of personality. At it’s core is a pathological level of narcissism.

Borderline Personality Disorder This person does not appear to be narcissistic at first glance. People who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder don’t have the inner strength to maintain the facade the way the other antisocial personalities do.

January 5, at 5: To top it off, she used God, and my faith to manipulate from day 1. There is a reason her mom and sister were trying to get custody while she was in prison. She has everyone fooled, and it was only because I came forward about our double life, that she decided to toss me away like used tissue.

She intentionally raised my stress b level to critical by blaspheming the God she says she loves so much. She cannot tell the truth, and everyone in her life is disposable. I can prove everything I say. She was giving God credit for saying the opposite of what the Bible says, and that is blasphemy. I wish I was. She said the guy before me gave her hep b, or God did, but the fact is she contracted hep from sharing rigs shooting dope.

She surrounds herself with women less attractive, as she must always be the center of everything.

Are you a female sociopath?

Debby March 14, at OMG, I feel so crazy! I stayed because he began to accept and acknowledge he had a problem and wanted my support. A yr into our relationship, he entered a 30 day rehab program.

A female social path is far more dangerous then a male and theyll go to any limit, break rules,laws, literally destroy almost anything and anyone and get away. Read more See 1 more doctor answer. Avoidant profile of a male sociopath dating can overlap with anxiety disorderssuch as .

When I came back to this site, I saw a thread on sociopaths, and wondered if women can be sociopaths as well. Based on the following statements and actions, I have some reason to believe that it is possible for a woman to be a sociopath: She is very smart, energetic, and charming. Very extraverted and always looking to have a good time. She laughs and smiles a lot and comes off as very personable.

She once told me: Pretty girls shouldn’t have to work. She is doing something that is illegal, but she has given us what at first seemed like a good reason for doing it. She has told me a number of stories, which frankly, cause me to feel sorry for her. When she joined us for dinner a few weeks ago, she told us she had a project to finish for work, and when we decided to go bowling after, she had no problem joining us and blowing off her project.

She says she gets bored easily. She’s always sending out emails asking if anyone wants to engage in high-paced, exciting activities with her, like skydiving. She has said before that she is impulsive.

Rethinking Female Sociopathy, Part Two

A female sociopath is a woman with a HUGE dose of crazy in her, and causes all sorts of grief for her man: Either she leaves you for another man, or she hurts you and emotionally breaks you first… THEN leaves you. So how do you tell if your woman is a sociopath?

When a man has been a victim of a Female Sociopath, usually one of the above labels is given, {crazy ex-girlfriend, vindictive ex-wife ect} instead of a Sociopath and/or Narcissistic Sociopath. Female Sociopaths are mentally and emotionally destructive liar’s, cheaters & deceivers, etc.

The presence of even three of these symptoms indicates a potentially harmful relationship. Anything above this number points to not just probable, but certain harm. The Loser will Hurt you on Purpose. He began with criticism, went on to name-calling and moved on to physical violence and probably murder. Quick Attachment and Expression. Psychopaths generally pour on the romance.

A Sociopath Exposes the Narcissist – (Part 2/3)

Asker Oh definitely but hearing all that shit turned me off, especially since I didn’t ask for it Andru13 Despite what the female of above said yes I did. I did not realize it till 3. She ended up cheating on me near the end of our relationship and blamed the breakup on me. Said I wasn’t ready and I was this and that etc.

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He was an asshole, no doubt, but “sociopath” may not be the right word choice. But as it turns out, sociopaths are quite different from plain old jerks — and more dangerous. There’s some dispute in the psychiatric community as to whether there’s a difference between psychopaths and sociopaths, but it’s generally believed that psychopaths are violent, while sociopaths are not.

This piece uses the terms interchangeably. According to psychologists, there are some telltale signs to help you differentiate between your average, garden-variety D-bag and someone who might be a lot more dangerous. Giphy 1 They’re charmers. While your standard D-bag is typically not well-liked, sociopaths actually exhibit fantastic interpersonal skills that win people over.

People are mysteriously drawn to them, even when they’re not good-looking, said Dr. Nicki Nance, who has worked with many sociopaths during her four-decade career as a licensed mental health counselor, in a phone interview. That’s because sociopaths are experts on people. It’s easy to fall for sociopaths since they’re so charismatic — and they have no problem exploiting that.

Nance uses serial killer Ted Bundy as an example. Sociopaths are not only irresistible dates but also thrilling ones, since they often engage in high-risk behaviors. But there’s a dark side to that, too, licensed clinical psychologist Dr.

9 Ways to Spot a Sociopath

It was the summer following my freshman year in college. I had just started dating a local boy who I had met on campus in the spring. He was from the same rural, Appalachian area where I was raised. We enjoyed the outdoors, music, books, movies, hiking, biking…you name it, we had it in common. She told him she was pregnant, said the unborn child was his, and asked for money because she wanted an abortion. He explained that they went to high school together, had never dated, but had been friends for years.

Unexpected or not – pregnancy can bring big bucks for years and years to a female sociopath. Women of antisocial personality disorder – ASPD – also called antisocial psychopaths have fewer children than male sociopaths, who populate the earth indiscriminately.

I actually thought that we were the happiest couple I knew. We had our problems but everyone does. My wife used to get upset here and there and would say that she was lonely. I thought that it was because the kids were older and were not dependent on her any more. I told her to go out with her friends, get a job or do something to give herself a purpose.

Looking back now I realize that she was always insecure and shy however I always saw her as an incredibly intelligent, funny, beautiful and sensitive woman.

Have you ever dated a female sociopath or someone who was extremely manipulative?

Now before anyone accuses me of being a misogynist, hear me out here. Even guys are fucked in the brain. Behind the scenes, they are most probably dealing with women-related shit all day long, no fucking joke.

You called a sociopath, perhaps unwittingly, of new york city sex and what i wish that you after dating a narcissistic sociopath. Female sociopaths, individuals diagnosed with a sociopath dating .

For every single item mentioned, I can think of a real life example that every one of my clients has suffered. If not, they sure are acting out a lot of sociopathic behaviors. Most of the men and women I work with often arrive to my virtual office trying to figure out what the hell is going on in their relationships. They want to know, is she a Borderline? Is she a narcissist? Is she a histrionic?

Does she act this way because her parents abused her? Is it a combination of all of the above? The important questions are: Is her behavior abusive? How is her behavior affecting you and the children? Is she willing to acknowledge her behaviors are abusive and get help to change?

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