DBX MPA 150 Split Spectrum Amplifiers: Good deal or new boat anchors?

You can actually grab your inputs from the speakers on your rear deck. I wish it was that easy, I really appreciate the advise though. I only have the 4 6X9″ in the doors. The rear deck is empty so that is where I am going to mount my subs, mimicking the factory setup. So I will haft to go searching for the speaker wires. But I do have a lead on what the color codes are. Ill be taking a lot of pictures so the next DIYer that has not done this in years will have a head start unlike me. I went to my local BestBuy to scope out potential amps.

How do i hook up 2 four ohm dual voice coil subs to a single channel mono amp to get 2 ohms?

Stereo amp or mono amp for your sub? Most preamps just have a mono output for a subwoofer. No real reason to run stereo for subs, unless maybe you are running two speaker boxes as subs. Most amps are switchable to mono mode and put out more power in mono. How do you hook up an amp and sub woofer up to a stock radio in a firebird?

The question should be, can the two 15 inch sub-woofers handle Watts?

Oct 27,  · From there you’ll run new speaker wiring to the underseat subs, use ch on the amp and run in low pass. For the doors, again you’ll run new speaker wire from ch from the amp down to where you cut the wire from the sub, you want the wire that goes to the doors.

Thank you Keith, i think i got it. Looks like i hooked the “tower” four speakers to two channel Sony amp. For some reason two wires going from “L” post on the amp power Right two speakers and two wires going from “R” post on the amp power Left two speakers. Probably just a matter of swapping some wires. For native 4 channel amp that i want to hook up to 4 in-house speakers and two subs the amp’s manual calls it Tri-mode operation wants me to insert “high pass filter capacitors and a low pass filter inductor into the wiring”.

No idea what that is and do i really need it. Don’t even know what the “crossover frequency you wish to achieve”. Otherwise system sounds goood. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom if there are any. Wire the 2 pair of in-boats to chnls 1 and 2, set that half of the amp to hi-pass. Wire the two subs to chnls 3 and 4 and set that half to low-pass. Input mode to 2chnl. Plug bass level knob up.

Yes, if you wired per their recommendation you would need caps and inductors, but don’t do it!

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Originally Posted by mpjmeyer Getting ready to wire up the theater for the Atmos before I drywall and had a couple questions. Once drywall is hung, is there a special method to install them such as a cabinet or do I just cut a hole and mount them? Anybody have experience hearing these puppies or have other recommendations?

I have experience with standard non-enclosed speakers in the ceiling of my home theater being driven by a W per channel amplifier.

Feb 03,  · I have 2 Memphis Audio Street Edge subs powered by a Street Edge watt Class D amp. I’m not going for rattle the windows loud, just want something that sounds good. Will eventually hook everything up to a 5 channel amp and change out the subs.

The stock BMW setup is that the full front channels go to the underseat subs first then on to the doors, so you’ll need to split this so you can power the sub and doors independently. Basically you’ll take the front line-out from the head unit and run to your line-in on the amp. From there you’ll run new speaker wiring to the underseat subs, use ch on the amp and run in low pass. For the doors, again you’ll run new speaker wire from ch from the amp down to where you cut the wire from the sub, you want the wire that goes to the doors.

Feel free to try and run the new cable into the doors, it’s a complete PITA so I would be inclined to use the stock wiring from the sub to the doors. The crossover will use the wiring into the doors, you just need to split this out to the mid and tweeter. Depending on the original spec for your car, you might need to get the tweeter housing for your doors, or modify your existing trim pieces.

You’ll note this does not include anything for the rears, this is because the rears are filtered somewhere in-line and run in high pass only and are effectively filler noise as opposed to full range sound. Though that is my preference, you set however it sounds good to you! That’s a pretty quick view of how it installs, I’m at work atm so can’t go into super detail but hope that helps a bit!

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March 30, , I want to run the tops in stereo, and the bottoms in bridged mono, using the built-in crossover. Here is what I think is right

to get the max rms from my amp now if you want to run 2 subs in the future that amp will work subwoofer w rms w max if you want to hook some 10 car audio subwoofers which wont be have enough power to drive 2 subs mono 1 channel amps are designed to work with a wider range of.

I read your reviews of the latest releases and have a general question that has been nagging me for some time. Given that both the TV and the player have about as good quality video processing capabilities as are around at present, what is the point of having the receiver do the video processing? It is unlikely to surpass or even equal what the TV can do as the manufacturer will have configured it specifically for that make and model.

Isn’t it more likely that a generic receiver will do worse? The primary function of a receiver is to process audio and drive the speakers. All that is required of it as far as video is concerned is that it can pass through video signals to the TV unmolested. Incorporating a lot of video processing only means that the audio processing will get less spent on it than if video were only passed through to the TV. If it does more than that with video, either the price of the receiver will be higher or the quality of the audio will be lower, neither of which is of benefit to the user, only the manufacturer.

So there’s the question.

Can I hook up two subs to a mono channel amp?

Your Subwoofer—Wired for Sound Wiring configurations for any application You have more than one option for connecting your subwoofer to your amplifier. But first, you must take into consideration the need to match your amplifier, subwoofer and their impedance in order to obtain the highest performance from these components. The wiring diagrams, mentioned in the following paragraphs, are just some of the best options available to you.

Important To avoid your high-powered amplifier from overheating, as well as damage to both your amp and subs, the ohms you drive your amp with must not be lower than what it is designed to handle. Some low-impedance wiring diagrams are included. Voice Coils—Single or Dual A single subwoofer voice coil is equipped with 2 terminal posts.

How You can hook the subs voice coil in series for 4 ohms per sub then hook the subs up in paralle to the amp or you can hook the subs VC’s in parallel for a 1 Ohm load per sub then hook them up in series to the amp.

These amplifiers employ the recently developed KT output tubes. In addition to utilizing the KT output tubes, the ART and ART feature new input and inverter stages using s for voltage gain, main power supply reservoirs boasting a more than ten-fold increase in total capacitance compared to our earlier ART mono-blocks and ARTSA amplifiers, and a new regulator circuit for the input stage power supply.

The output tubes are showcased behind a clear window spanning the full width of the protective tube cage, while the input tubes are enshrouded in a clear protective block. As with earlier anniversary products, production will be limited to units of the ART and pairs of the ART Channel Islands PEQ 1 mk. The soundstage is massive, and the dynamics convincing, with a great deal of fine detail.

The musical presentation here is hardly budget.


A well-built power amp cleans up sound quality, improves bass response and delivers the right amount of power to efficiently drive multiple speakers in distributed audio system or home theater. Our AMP is a flagship amp that sells well for a reason. It is stable at 2 ohm load. Dual Source Switching The AMP also includes dual source switching to connect two audio sources and toggle between them for greater listening flexibility.

Automatic source switching switches between connected sources with a priority signal-sensing feature, so if a DVD player is connected to input 2, then you decide to stream a movie through a game console, when the console is turned on, the AMP automatically switches to that source. The AMP also includes a variable delay control that lets you adjust the amount of time needed to “listen” for a signal from your main input, between 3 and 15 seconds.

I always assumed that the whole unclean power deal was that if you buy a watt speaker hook it to a watt amp, then turn the power up all the way the watt amp peaking at its power output will cook the speaker slowly.

Middlebury,Indiana Found this tid bit on the Prosoundweb. Hope this helps in some way. Power amplifiers are rated for power generation. A bigger number is generally better as it indicates the potential for the amplifier to do more work. Loudspeakers are rated for power dissipation. Their power rating describes the amount of continuous power that can be dissipated in the form of heat without damage to the loudspeaker.

While at first glance it may appear that more power dissipation is better, this is only true if the method used to achieve it does not compromise the efficiency of the loudspeaker. Modern power amplifiers act as constant voltage sources to the loudspeaker. This means that the output voltage of the amplifier is essentially independent of the load placed on it by the loudspeaker. If you drive an amplifier with a signal and measure its output voltage with no load connected to the output terminals, and then connect a loudspeaker to the terminals, there is no significant change in the reading on the voltmeter.

The difference between the no load and loaded case is that with the load present current will flow from the amplifier terminals through the loudspeaker.

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Jun 22,  · If you have 2 drivers and you run them in series, you have to use a mono amp (or bridge your 2ch amp). The extra 3db output comes from using 2 drivers v.s. 1 driver and nothing to do with the load on the amplifier.

JackD on 16 May , I’m a bit confused. Running a pair of speaker wires to the VR-S1 will activate the high level inputs. The black aka negative run serves as the return or ground. Yes you can definitely do this. The only difference with the REL is that the high level input in the sub uses a Speakon connector instead of standard speaker terminals.

The high level outputs are a convenience option that allows you to send the signal to the satellite speakers, not back to the amp. I don’t recommend using the high level outputs. A pair of speaker wires directly from amp to sats will give you better sound. It sounds like you understand by question pretty well!

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The Fat Channel makes dynamics, routing, and panning for every input and output on the StudioLive available at the touch of a Select button. The 24 multipurpose knobs and meters located in the Fat Channel control nearly every adjustment you will need to make on your StudioLive. In addition, two meters—part of a set of seven meters located in the top right section of the mixer—are dedicated to displaying information about the currently selected channel.

Mar 30,  · From what you have in the moment, it is impossible to run subs in mono. If you can live with mono sound than make a sum cable with 2 10Kohm resistors in series with each channel and then to the subamp channel 1 and then from high out to the topsamp like on your picture.

Could you power a set of speakers and a sub with a two channel amp? You also must know how use capacitors on the sub to make it respond only to bass! And while they do make commercially available accessories that do what Y-T-Y says, by the time you buy one that works for your situation, install it, etc. What is stronger a concrete cylinder 4 by 8 inches or one 6 by 12 inches?

A 6 X 12 will hold more weight than a 4 X 8 of the same material because there is more surface area. Are kicker L7s good speakers and what kind of amp do I need to power inch subs? Yes, the L-7s are great. For the amp, you first need to find out whether the sub woofers are 2-ohm, 4-ohm, or 8-ohm. Depending on the answer to that question will determine whether or not you’ll need a mono amp or a dual channel amp as well as the wattage.

How To Wire Subwoofers – Parallel vs Series – Single Voice Coil and Dual Voice Coil

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