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Antique Chisels

Railroads and Manifest Destiny. However, it recently occurred to me that the railroad truly made America in a deeper and more profound way. What first came to my attention with the effect of a light bulb switched on were the relative dates for two key events: Asa Whitney [first] submitted his plan for a Pacific railroad to Congress through his representatives in January Sullivan — in an essay about Texas , but with reference to “the railroad”.

Chisels and gouges are two very important tools groups the first of which is a very common woodworking tool. A chisel as a flat blade to cut flat straight work and a gouge has a curved blade to cut curved and other shapes.

Hand Tools I was asked by a Hand Tool School member recently to provide a list of good chisel brands to aid him in buying. So I started to think about what I like about my favorite chisels and for that matter which one is my favorite chisel. It is a Buck Bros. The edge while not as durable as some of the modern alchemy can be honed razor sharp. The bevel is set at 20 degrees with a slight microbevel. It pares away even the most stubborn woods with ease and I use it constantly to pare split tenon cheeks, chamfer edges, or refine a filister.

There is a spot of heavy patina right where my thumb rests and while I know this not to be true, this area feels softer and sculpted to my thumb. When I grasp the blade, my fingers fall into place automatically and the chisel becomes an extension of my hand that is perfectly balanced. It responds to my thoughts instantly and I swear it anticipates my next move. When I use it, my breathing slows and we work as one.

I relish the thought that I am extending the life of this chisel and continuing the work of craftsman before me. The figurative choir of angels just sings whenever I use it. But Here is My Theory

Buck Chisels

This square is a model no as marked on the blade. It has some discoloration and pitting but is dead on straight and square. This is the largest size caliper made by Starrett.

Woodworking Chisels, Antique Woodworking Tools, Antique Tools, Woodworking Projects, Lathe Projects, Fine Woodworking, Wood Chisel, Chisel Set, Stanley Tools Find this Pin and more on blacksmith by Charles G.

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My Favorite Chisel

This gouge has a hand-forged look to it and no maker’s mark. The handle is beautiful. The blade is clean and sharp. This tang gouge was made by Marples in Sheffield. It’s clean and perfectly usable. There is no pitting on the blade and the handle has no damage.

BM Hearnshaw Bros A 2″ wide parallel iron micing out thousandths of an inch. 2 1/4″ remains to the hole and it looks to me like the primary bevel is the original factory grind. 2 1/4″ remains to the hole and it looks to me like the primary bevel is the original factory grind.

I’ll study what you have posted so far and go from there. I own about 40 buck bros chisels and gouges – that’s what lead me to think about some type of study – I’ll start with what I have and post so we can go from there. Many of the Buck Bros chisels I own that have “Buck Bros – Cast Steel” also have “Buck Bros” slightly imprinted on the wood handles – I also noticed that they were of the same general shape. Perhaps they’re from a similar time period? They came from a set of pattern maker off-set gouges and patternmaker bevel-edged chisels.

I realize that many of the handles have been replaced, and I also know that many just purchased the steel and fabbed their own handles – I’m just trying to get a comparison of those that appear to be factory made. I think that while I’m at it I’ll do all the various handles that I’ve got – there seems to be some consistency by maker. Thanks for your info and efforts in putting that Buck page together. Friday, January 29, John Eaton; ‘galoots list serv’ Subject:

Buck Brothers Tools

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one.

Offering this nice older x 8 pattern makers Crank Neck Tanged Gouge Chisel marked “Buck Brothers” on the steel, with the Buck logo. Find this Pin and more on Antique Carpenter’s Chisels .

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The handle is new but it has a small stress crack in the front possibly from when the chi I do not have chiesl Charles Buck socket chisels or gouges. For this history of the Buck Brothers, Ive gone dating buck bros chisel to many of their original sources, and, during the. ByCharles Buck’s business is well underway. Addis Two Addis carving tools that are as found and need cleaning. Buck Brothers, Millbury, Mass.

These measurements are approximate and rounded.

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Buck Brothers Lew Soloway wrote: There were several different logo’s shown: The difference between A, B, and C, above, seems to be price quality? Lew’s observation led me to investigate these illustrations with renewed interest.

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Buck Brothers

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I don’t own the general books on collecting and tool values by Barlow or Kean, so maybe they have some of this kind of information? However, when it comes to Buck Bros. When Ken Roberts reprinted the Buck Bros. Price List in , he included a brief history of the firm in an essay entitled: Charles and John arrived in and were associated with D.

Barton at Rochester, N. When Richard arrived in , they formed the company there, then moved the firm to Worcester, Ma. In , Richard and Charles purchased property, buildings and water rights in Millbury About 5 miles south of Worcester Center. Incidentally, several years previously, this had been the site for T. Witherby’s edge tool operation.

John later joined them, as an employee. Charles Buck sold out his interest in the company to Richard in and established the Charles Buck Edge Tool Company on Grafton Street where he’d previously purchased land and water rights. Charles, who had already become a master workman in grinding and polishing in Sheffield, was successful in winning awards and com- peting against the original firm.

His firm was ultimately re- absorbed into the Buck Bros.

Tool #10 Chisels

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